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Austin Rainclouds, Cute Umbrellas Needed

October 21, 2009

When I moved to Austin from California, (yes I know) I had no clue it would actually rain here. And wow, am I happy it does. I love waking up and sitting on my porch looking at the ominous clouds and the bursts of lighting that are so common here. And I also have a secret, I love umbrellas. I am on some strange eternal search for the perfect umbrella. I’ll share a few with you that have recently caught my eye. Totes Crimson Red $12.99 Target, Antler Handle Deep Autumn Orange $42 Etsy,  Elvis Presley Stick $30.00 Walmart, Marc by Marc Jacobs “Mini Miss Marc” $48.00 Bloomingdales, Stripe Bubble $21.99 Target, Brown/Pink with Lucite $23.47 Etsy.Product Image Totes Stick Umbrella - Crimson RedAntler Handle or Bone, Deep Autumn Orange Antique UmbrellaGalleria Elvis Presley Stick Umbrella Marc By Marc Jacobs "Mini Miss Marc" UmbrellaProduct ImageVintage Ladies Umbrella with Lucite Handle

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