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State of the Smoke: Smelly or Chic?

October 7, 2009

These days there are smoking bans in restaurants, bars, schools, and everything in between. When I was in grade school, second hand smoke was a huge no no and still is… thankfully. But coming from a house where my mother smoked,  (outside or in her own room) it seeped into my clothes anyway and my teachers asked me about my home life, to my embarrassment, quite often. So it was definitely not cool in grade school. Then high school approached. Very few, if any of my friends smoked, even the one’s that did other “substances.” And adult life came at me and suddenly, no peer pressure at all, smoking sounded like a good idea. What? And I now know quite a few smokers. So what’s the deal? I have since reduced my habit to a social and “when drinking” smoker which is somehow even worse than actually committing to it! And I can’t really decide where our culture is on the topic these days. When watching MadMen, the ladies all look so damn chic with their painted nails and lipstick stained cigarettes. But we also rarely see smoking in any Hollywood pop movie. And then, today I came across this sweet pic on the satorialist:

The satorialistDoesn’t she look amazing?So I remain curious about our collective view of smoking. Is it everyone’s dirty little secret? How many people smoke occasionally, but wouldn’t admit it? How different are the views overseas? In Italy and France, smoking is still very very popular. What do you think?

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