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Franks Hot Dogs

September 14, 2009



Weiner Dog!

Frank’s is instantly likable to anyone who appreciates a little old world charm. They have a standing wooden phonebooth with a flickering bulb just asking to have it’s picture taken. (Of course, I somehow forgot to take a picture! I know…) The rest of the place is decorated simply but distinctively warm and welcoming. Their permanent menu offers over a dozen different options, wide ranging and interesting. The only issue I’d state is the cost. I ordered a jalapeño cheddar dog and a small fry,( and it was pretty darn good). But I got out of there spending $9. If I’d ordered one of the delicious looking cocktails and the sausage, I can see leaving spending somewhere around $20-$25. Which wouldn’t be bad for a night out, but good to note. The artisan sausages do look wonderful and I hope my dear boyfriend wants to take me there for some fancy hot dogs in the near future! So there you have it, a bit pricey for a hot dog but a great atmosphere and extensive hot dog and sausage selection.

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