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Thrifty Yoga: Yoga Yoga, YMCA and Black Swan

September 13, 2009



There are absolutely fantastic yoga studios and instructors abound in Austin and we are all lucky enough to reap the benefits. Yoga Yoga is definitely the more prominent studio in town, with five locations. Their classes a la carte will set you back $17 per class, which is pretty crazy. But they offer a really great deal if you are an avid yogi. If you sign a contract for only 3 months,  you get unlimited classes for $99 per month. You’d get your money back after 5.8 classes. They also offer an 8 class pass for $108 and 20 classes for $229, but the only good deal I see is the unlimited.You also can attend any of their studios. Tre convenient?

The other, and much less expensive option is the YMCA. The Town Lake Y is beautiful and offers everything from multiple styles of yoga, zumba, 2 pools and even child care. Membership for one person is $55/mo but a couple is $70/mo. So grab someone else you know that needs to get in shape and get in there for a song. They don’t ask questions regarding couple-ness as far as I know.

Also, the newest, (to my knowledge) studio in town, Black Swan is donation!! Hooray! I was raised on vinyasa yoga and/or “power yoga” in LA and was sad to find that very few places in Austin offered it. Until now that is! Black Swan offers plenty of interesting classes including a mp3 class where the pump up the music or sweaty yoga where the temperature reaches 95 and the class is accompanied by music. The suggested donation is $10 for one class, $30 for a week or $90 for the month. That’s a pretty great deal. I love that one class only sets me back $10. So run to 1114 W. 5th St. (Walking distance to Whole Foods) and tell me what you think!

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