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City Wide Garage Sale!

September 10, 2009


When you enter, you are hit with massive tables of cloth. They are like sedentary multi-colored camels waiting to be sifted through. Beyond these are seemingly countless shops that take much longer than you’d think to make your way around. These vendors have a little bit of everything, from vintage jewelry to furniture and the cutest little hats. The best part about this place is that among the lamps and linens lie a million trinkets and treasures waiting for you to take them home.


My friend Bridgette and I wandered through here August 15th and made out like bandits. (Well, I left early for work so am unsure what she made out with, but I sure did!) I found the perfect black (very Chanel-esque) tweed “Audrey Hepburn Dress” for $10 that I vowed to wear when watching mad men later that day. Bridgette also picked out 5 aprons at $1 a piece for me that I adore. Not too shabby for being there less than an hour. I plan on going next time and spending at least 2. Ah so there we have it. City Wide Garage Sale. It’s worth it. Held once a month at the Palmer Event Center. Catch the next one October 24th. More details at their site… and if you sign up for the news letter, they’ll send you a little coupon for $1 off parking. (Hey that’s an apron!)

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